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Wellspring Gardens
Hard-to-find Plants & Trees.
Description of Business
Subtropical Fruits. Unique & Exotic Plants for Zones 7-11. Unique & Exotic Container Plants for Zones 1-6.
Terms and Conditions
Payment and shipment terms may vary on individual items.
Payment methods   PayPal  
Money Order/Cashiers Check, Personal Check.
Store ship-to locations   the United States only.
Shipping & Handling   Buyer Pays Shipping.
Sales tax   6.5% if shipped to FL.
Sales tax not charged for edible plants or plants that produce edibles.
Customer service & return policy   We guarantee safe and healthy arrival of all our plants. We offer unusual plants that are often difficult to obtain elsewhere. Size is usually indicated but we may in rare instances ship plants larger or smaller than indicated.
Q: How much do I pay for shipping?
A: $7.70 regardless of the size of the order.
Q: Can I order without using the Website Shopping Cart"
Q: What does  Wellspring Gardens do best?
A:  We specialize in hard to-find items and specific varieties. Our plants are of the highest quality in health and are free of disease and nematodes. Our nursery is inspected and we are authorized to ship to all 50 states. We do not ship plants internationally.
Q: Are your plants better than the ones at my local nursery?
A:  We hope your local nursery has the same level of quality and we encourage you to purchase from them if they carry the same plants as we do. They can usually offer you larger plants than we carry.
Q: How do you grown your plants?
A: Many of our plants are tissue cultured meaning they are cloned in a lab. This is one of the ways we maintain the health of the plants you receive. Others are grown from seed. In all cases they are grown on raised benches that are 24" above ground level.
Q: How do you ship?
A: We ship via USPS Priority Mail. We ship almost all our plants in the pot they are growing in with the soil intact.
Q: How long before my order is shipped?
We usually ship 1 - 2 weeks after order is received. 

Q: How do I know when my order is shipped?
A: If you provide an email address, you will receive a confirmation of shipping through the USPS.
Q: What is your replacement policy?
A: We replace plants that are damaged in shipping.
Q: What about winter shipping?
A: We cannot ship in freezing weather (yours or ours). We will hold orders until the weather is favorable -- we check temperatures daily. 

Q: What should I do when my plants arrive?
A: Open the box (es) immediately and carefully unpack the plants. If they are dry thoroughly drench them and and let them drain. Give them a couple of days rest in mostly shade.